Here are some of the most popular prayers. Enjoy these Christian Prayers for any situation. These prayers will help you pray in times of need, give comfort in tiring times and help you to develop your prayer life.

Prayer: Are You in a Battle? – Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare Prayers

These prayers cover various situations you may be facing as you engage in spiritual warfare. Rest assured, Jesus has already won the victory!

11 Morning Prayers To Start Your Day

Morning Prayers

Start each and every day with prayers, praise and worship.

Prayer: Command and declare your healing

Prayers for Healing

What's Your Declaration? Did you know that a verbal declaration of healing, spoken out loud, feeds your inner person?

Prayer for financial blessings

Prayers for Financial Blessings and Prosperity

Troubled and heavy-laden with financial worry? Take time to dwell on God's promises and seek His favor.

Prayer Requests

User Submitted Prayer Requests

Prayer requests submitted by readers.

A Prayer for those Sleepless Nights

Evening Prayers to Relax and Unwind

During the stillness of the night, I can hear nothing but the silence that surrounds me. I can hear it because I am wide awake, while

Prayer before Studies and Exams for Success

Prayers for Exams

Powerful prayers before exams and for while studying and praeparing. Also prayers for while awaiting results .

You Too Can Deal With Stress Like Jesus Did

Prayers of Encouragement

Dealing with stress can be difficult but we have the Word and the Lord to take our burdens away and ease the pain.

Prayer for great Peace and Harmony in your life today

Prayers for Peace

Troubled and heavy-laden with trouble? Take time to dwell on God's promises and seek His favor.


Prayers of Forgiveness

Don't allow bitterness and resentment to fill your heart and block your blessings.

Prayer in times of fear and anxiety


Prayers in time of crisis and anxiety.

Prayer For Those Who Mistreat and Persecute You

Prayers in Times of Disappointments

Difficult times will come. But we can always turn to the Lord in times of great disappointment.

Prayer: For Better Relationships

Prayers for Your Relationships

Heart-broken, facing family conflict, need prayers for family members? Here is a great collection.